About Me

Selçuk GÖK

Web Developer

I have been a web developer for 12 years, maybe even longer. Since my childhood, I have always been interested in computers and their inner workings. In 1999-2000, I spent time playing games on our first computer. Later, when we got internet access at home, my interest shifted to the vast world of websites (forums, etc.) and the wealth of information they contained.

Even before I started web development professionally, I was creating and experimenting with websites using ready-made scripts (Phpbb, PhpNuke, etc.). This period was around 2005-2006. During that time, I co-founded a website that received a significant amount of traffic in my country, and this still stands out as my first success. The first web development job I took on was in 2007 when I created a simple website for a teacher to publish videos for a course. Though it was somewhat rudimentary, I managed to succeed. That was my first paid job in this sector.

My passion for web development, which began purely as a hobby with basic HTML knowledge and some CSS, evolved to another level in 2011-2012 when I learned PHP. Following that, I began creating interactive, dynamic websites with JavaScript and the then-popular jQuery. In 2013, I started working professionally, and in 2016, I established my freelance agency to continue my work.

By 2021, I decided to close my agency and step away from the professional business world in this sector. I then set up an e-commerce site and started selling some fun products through it. I remain deeply interested in programming and computer science, actively following the software world on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and HackerNews. I continue to bring small hobby projects to life and learn new programming languages.

Having left professional work behind, I now enjoy a more relaxed and stress-free life, exploring and learning about new technologies such as artificial intelligence and deep learning. I currently have no intention of making money from computer science and focus solely on learning through extensive reading, research, and experimentation. This way is better for me.

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